Everyone in New York State is going to be getting money from NYSEG and other utility companies. This is only going to happen once.

It is part of a New York State initiative that address energy affordability and New York wants to put money back into the pockets of customers.

Is it going to come as a check to your house?

NO. You will see the money come on your utility bill as "NYS Energy Bill Credit".

How much money are we getting back?

  • Electric customers will receive $9.52 back
  • Natural gas customers will see a break of $15.66

If you have RG&E as your utility company, you will get

  • $18.40 applied to electric bills
  • $11.26 to their gas bills

When are we going to see the money come back?

It will be on your next bill.

More than $1.4 billion has been or will be made available to New York consumers to help offset energy costs in 2024, according to the New York State Governor's website.

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