There are three things, maybe more than anything, that people think of when they hear Buffalo.

Bills, snow and chicken wings.

When you visit other cities, most of the wings just are not the same. They're either not crispy enough, the sauce isn't flavorful or hot enough, or the size of the wings are very small. You might get one great component with a wing but hard to get every aspect right.

Here in Western New York, you have quite a few places who excel at every part of what makes a great wing. From Bar-Bill to Wingnutz and Elmos to Gabriel's Gate, there are so many examples in Buffalo. Another is The Nine-Eleven Tavern.

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Located on Bloomfield Ave. in South Buffalo, The Nine-Eleven Tavern got its name because its address is 911 Bloomfield Ave. It's a dive bar but is usually in Buffalonians top 5 places for wings. Their medium wing with their award-winning fries is a go-to order.

Unfortunately, they shared some sad news on Thursday morning.

The Nine-Eleven Tavern was broken into this week. They were closed on Wednesday and will remain closed on Thursday, as they work to replace what was stolen.

The good news is it happened after they were closed and nobody was hurt.

Here's hoping they can reopen soon and don't have to replace much. This makes so many people sad and angry that anyone would target a local business like this.

When they do reopen, consider going there for wings and drinks.

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