We're gearing up for the holiday season and if you think it's too early to start planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas, that won't stop retailers from getting a head start on the festivities.

If you walk into any grocery store or retailer, you are already bombarded with red, white and green. Holiday foods, candies, decorations, lights and other things that bring the Christmas season to life. For some, it's too early and for others, it's never too early.

Wegmans will soon be even more crowded with customers. Thanksgiving and Christmas means an influx in foot traffic for the same items everyone needs for parties and dinners.

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If you love ice cream and peppermint, then Wegmans has a new product this holiday season that is for sure going to be sold out at times.

According to their product page on their website, Wegmans has debuted peppermint ice cream sandwiches this year.

They are chocolate sandwich cookies with peppermint-flavored ice cream between them. This comes a year after Wegmans debuted pumpkin-flavored ice cream sandwiches, which were a huge hit by all accounts.

Peppermint is a love or hate kind of food, but for those who crave it every holiday season, it's something they never get tired of. Perry's Peppermint Stick and White Christmas flavors are sometimes hard to find this time of year, because everyone is scooping them up at locations around Western New York.

If you love ice cream sandwiches and peppermint, keep an eye out for the peppermint ice cream sandwiches at Wegmans locations in the Buffalo area.

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