It seems that over the last four years most people have become more germ aware. That doesn't mean we are germaphobes, just more in tune with the dangers of germs that are around us. Here in New York State, the COVID pandemic opened our eyes to the way we disinfect and clean and protect ourselves from germs. Fast forward to 2024 and there is a new fungus that is on the radar.

The years within the COVID pandemic were also a huge challenge for businesses as restrictions, regulations and less traffic made things very tough. Looking back, some of the restrictions made sense and others seem to be frivolous. Mask mandates, for example, were very controversial. However, you still see many people wearing masks in public.

The latest fear is over a new fungus that has been discovered in the United States. And while it is currently an issue out west, it may be something to keep an eye on.

According to the CDC, C.auris is described as:

Candida auris (C. auris) is a type of yeast that can cause severe illness and spreads easily among patients in healthcare facilities. It is often resistant to antifungal treatments, which means that the medications that are designed to kill the fungus and stop infections do not work.

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