The Buffalo Bills took on the New England Patriots on Sunday at Highmark Stadium.  But many of us in Buffalo missed the show that Stefon Diggs put on before the game.

How many times have you seen a reporter trying to do their job out on the street and somebody comes up and completely steals their concentration by doing something stupid in the background of the shot?  It happens more often than it should.  It's one of the risks you take by doing live TV.  For many reporters, it's just obnoxious behavior, but for this reporter from Boston, it was the highlight of his weekend.

Stefon Diggs Steals The Spotlight

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs is no stranger to the spotlight.  He's Buffalo's #1 wide receiver and rightfully wants to be the star of the show.  This past weekend, he decided to jump behind a Boston reporter who was recording a shot before the game from the endzone.

Roche Takes The Antics In Stride

The reporter's name is WBZ-TV's Dan Roche from Boston.  He's a Syracuse grad who was just in town for the game.  You have to give him credit.  While some would get upset and angry that Diggs possibly "ruined the shot," Roche seemed to take it all in stride.

When asked by The Buffalo News, after it had all been done he responded by saying simply that it made him laugh.

"I've never met Stef and he didn’t say a word before or after. It made me laugh, and we can never have enough of that in this world."  - Dan Roche

The Bills will be looking to get Diggs more involved in the offense again this Sunday as the Bills take on the Dolphins at the last regular season game of the year.  This one matters to both teams too.  While the Bills will be fighting for a playoff spot, the Dolphins will be hoping to maintain that #2 seed in the postseason.

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