The tolls are about to get stricter in New York State after the announcement from New York Governor, Kathy Hochul earlier this week.

There is a big problem with people not paying their tolls in New York State. More specifically, people are making fake license plates in order to get around paying tolls in New York State. It sounds strange, but it is a big problem.

They are called 'ghost cars'.

On one day in March, across New York State there were 73 vehicles impounded, 282 summonses issued and eight arrests for toll evasion. New York City has the most violations in the entire State.

“Today the Ghostbusters have arrived,” Hochul, a Democrat, said at a news conference at the RFK Bridge. “We’re going after the ghost vehicles. The gig is up.” Toll dodging costs the region’s transit system an estimated $50 million annually that could be invested into modernizing subways and public buses, said Janno Lieber, CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority", according to AP News.

This week, the Governor announced a new initiative to crack down on ghost cars and get more strict at the tolls.

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