Spring has definitely sprung in Western New York and it has brung with it sunshine and warmer temperatures. This, of course, is great news after the really long and weird winter we had over the last year and there are many people all around the 716 that are eager to get outside and enjoy the great weather we're having.

One of the best things that we have to look forward to is that it seems like we're also on the verge of having an amazing summer. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that we're going to have a scorching hot summer this year. It really looks like we just go from one extreme to another in the Empire State.

The Next Few Days Will Bring Beautiful Weather To Buffalo

All indications are looking like we're going to have a string of very nice weather on the way.

A warming trend is hitting the east coast and Buffalo will be part of that trend with temperatures expected to be in the 70s. This would be the warmest temps we've had so far in 2023 and we're all pretty excited by it.

But Could It Snow After This Warm Weather?

As much as we want to think that we're done with winter weather, that may not be the case. Buffalo routinely receives snow this month. According to the National Weather Service, most of the snow in Western New York stops in mid-to-late April. Every once in a while there is measurable snow in the month of May, but that doesn't happen every year, and when it does happen you can rest assured that's usually the end of it.

Also, it looks like last year we had a string of 80 degrees days which was then followed by a snowstorm.

Now it may not happen this year, but I wouldn't put your snowbrush away just yet.

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