Today is National Retro Day and it got me thinking of all the great stores that we used to have here in Western New York.

I grew up in the 1980s and 90s in West Seneca and I remember going out to Child World on Transit Road with my parents the week before my birthday. They would let me load up a shopping cart with everything I wanted and then when I was done, my dad would take me outside and my mom would pick out some of the toys for birthday presents.

I always knew I would be something that I really wanted, at least on the day we went to Child World.

So in honor of National Retro Day, here are six stores that we all used to love shopping at in Western New York.


This toy store was located on Transit Road right near the Eastern Hills Mall.



We used to go to the HIlls on Union Road and that is where my parents would get our "expensive" gifts and put them on layaway. Each week my mom would go and pay for the layaway and I would always get popcorn.
Photo Credit: Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon
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Located in the Southgate plaza, we used to always look for after-Christmas deals at Ames. Also, my brother Ed worked there for a couple of years when he was in high school.
Photo Credit: GettyImages
Photo Credit: GettyImages



For years, my parent would take us downtown to see the Christmas window display. As for shopping, usually, a present from AM&As meant a nice sweater.



Located at the corner of Union Road and Walden, I remember my parents always taking us there to get small appliances and some of the newer toys that were available.

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