On January 23rd of this year, Walmart settled a class-action lawsuit that could end up putting some money in your pocket.

The lawsuit was filed in 2022 and claimed that Walmart customers were being misled by price stickers. The lawsuit claimed that

"Walmart falsely inflates product weight, mislabels the weight of bagged produce, overcharges on sold-by-weight clearance products and overcharges on sold-by-weight seafood products."

A settlement was approved by a judge earlier this year and if you shopped at Walmart you could be entitled to some of the $45 million dollar settlement money.

You could be entitled to cash payments of up to $25 without proof of purchase or up to $500 with documentation of purchases of weighted goods and bagged citrus.

You should also receive a direct email notice if you were likely to have purchased weighted goods and bagged citrus, that will inform you of the settlement proceedings.

This is the first of two class-action lawsuits filed against Walmart over price change.

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Another class action lawsuit was filed this year claiming that the retail giant charges higher prices for products at the checkout stand than it advertises on its shelves.

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