More wet weather is making its way to the Empire State mid-week, unfortunately mostly in the form of rain.

The quick, short answer: a little.

For those of us who love snow, Sunday; 's storm was a welcome sight. While some of the higher totals never quite manifested in some areas, for the most part, this storm delivered. Unfortunately that fresh blanket of snow will be short-lived.

A normal winter would create one snow event after another at this point of the season, but our next storm system will move into the region this week with mostly rain.

A Little Snow, Plenty of Rain Next Week


According to your News Channel 13 First Warning Forecast, get the umbrella ready this week.

Our next storm system will arrive Tuesday afternoon with a little bit of snow, but it will change to heavy rain Tuesday night into Wednesday as temps go up to a high of 48 degrees. This heavy rain coupled with the snowmelt could lead to come flooding.  The rain should taper off late Wednesday, with our next round of precipitation expected to arrive over the weekend.

The snow this weekend was a win for winter lovers throughout New York, but unfortunately in the short-term, it looks like it will be short-lived.

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