It's been a downright horrendous year for the Buffalo Sabres.

They're dead-last in the entire NHL with 27 points and 10 wins in 42 games. Their captain, Jack Eichel has not been in the lineup since early March because of an injury and it's pretty much been a lost season for the star forward. Now, the season is officially over for him.

According to the Buffalo Sabres, Eichel will miss the remainder of the season with a herniated disc in his neck.

Eichel is expected to be ready to play at the start of the 2021-2022 season.

This really is unfortunate, since Eichel (along with the rest of the team), missed the last month-plus of the 2019-2020 season and now he's going to miss the last month and a half of this shortened season.

If you remember, Eichel was on pace to score over 40 goals and 90 points before the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down and eventually ended the Sabres season.

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There have been rumours and chatter that Eichel will eventually want out if things don't improve, and certainly, he would want to play for a winner, but since the trade deadline has passed, it looks like Eichel will stay in Buffalo to try and work things out with the Sabres.

On the right side, I'm not sure things could get much worse. The Sabres traded star forward Taylor Hall on Monday morning to the Boston Bruins, after he had a very disappointing first season in Buffalo.

On to next year, I guess.

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