We all know someone that you would call a Tool, so we decided that every Monday we would shine a spotlight on the bottom of the gene pool with Jack FM's "Tool of the Week" brought to you by Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental.

This week's tool comes to us from Florida...(Really no surprise there!)

According to Smokinggun.com A guy was arrested after he tried to steal 66 rolls of toilet paper from a hotel.

According to investigators, a guard at a Marriott hotel in Orlando was patrolling around 1:30 AM Thursday when he spotted a man “pushing a trash can toward his Honda van.”


When the suspect reached the vehicle, he removed a bag from the can and placed it inside his auto.


Finding the man’s actions suspicious, the guard peaked through the van’s window and “noticed the bag was full of unused toilet paper rolls that belonged to the hotel.”


When the man--later identified as Angel Hernandezcinto, 31--returned to the van, the guard confronted him and “Angel admitted to taking the toilet paper.” The bag, cops say, contained 66 rolls of toilet paper valued at 99 cents



He was arrested by Orlando police after he gave a false name and later was released on $2500 bond. The $66 worth of TP was returned to the hotel.




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