October is National Pizza Month, and while most cities think that good pizza comes from a place with an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, we here in Buffalo know better. Much better.

New York and Chicago are well known for their thin crust and deep dish pizzas, but I think we have the best of both -- not too thin and not too thick. Buffalo has some of the best pizza in the country, and I wouldn't trade it for any other pie.

Here is a list of our top 5 pizza joints in Buffalo (in no particular order):

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    Just Pizza

    Just Pizza has 12 locations, so no matter where you work or live, you are probably pretty close to some great pizza. With over 75 varieties, there is sure to be something for everyone, including a Lasagna Pizza. Are you kidding me?!? Just Pizza is not just pizza; they have an extensive menu of wings, subs, dinners, tacos and salads.

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    La Nova Pizzeria

    La Nova was crowned Buffalo's Best Pizza last year at Pizza Madness, and for good reason. With locations on Main Street in Williamsville and West Ferry in Buffalo, La Nova is never more than 20 minutes from anywhere in WNY. Plus, if you have family across the country, they can enjoy some of the best pizza Buffalo has to offer with their overnight shipping for pizza and wings. I recommend the Italian Garlic Pizza and an order of BBQ wings.

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    Franco's Pizza

    With five locations spread between North Buffalo and Niagara Falls, this is definitely a northtowns favorite and has been so for over 30 years.

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    Bob & John's La Hacienda

    This is the pizza I grew up on in the old neighborhood in North Buffalo, and it reminds me of my childhood and my first "job" of folding pizza boxes and being paid in slices. Bob & John's is still some of my favorite pizza in WNY, and the best bet is a simple cheese and pepperoni. Nothing fancy, just the basics done the right way.

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    Vera Pizzeria

    Vera Pizzeria is a newcomer compared to others on the list and is more of a sit-down Italian restaurant, but it has some of the best damn pizza in town. The Tomato Jam Pizza is hands down my favorite: a thin crust with fire-roasted tomato jam, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and asparagus. What sets Vera apart from the others is the use of fresh local ingredients, some of which are grown in the staff's own gardens. Do your taste buds a favor and go.

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