The Western New York sports reporter is causing controversy after comments he made during a live stream.

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There are lots of reporters who cover the Buffalo Bills from all over the region. From Canada to Syracuse and Erie, PA. There are also dozens of podcasts and live streams that make content revolving around the team every week. Some are more notable than others. Some have enough clout to bring onto their shows players and reporters, too.

Jerry Sullivan is an accomplished sports columnist who has spent decades writing about the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, mostly for the Buffalo News. In recent years he's been writing for the Niagara Gazette. Some love Jerry and his ability to, Te;; it how it is." Others loath him for his negative hot takes and ribbing of local athletes.

For example, after the Bills' win against the Jets, he caught everyone's attention when he made this statement at Buffalo Bills' Quarterback Josh Allen (turn up your volume for this one BTW):

This isn't uncommon for Sullivan. To be fair, some would absolutely agree with him. Others say he is unprofessional for making an opinionated statement during what's supposed to be a question-and-answer session.

Then there's what he said on a podcast/live stream yesterday. Now, let's be clear here: he said women are overall better than men. However, that's not what people are focusing on. Sullivan was critical of women who are fans of the Buffalo Bills after a woman called into the program as seen below:

You have to be careful what you say, especially when it's this ignorant. Women are just as knowledgeable about the sport as men. Many are calling for Sullivan to be forced from the Gazzette and be removed from the Bills press room. It will be interesting to see how this affects Sullivan.

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