Reason #97638 why we love Josh Allen: he cares, he listens, and he makes sure people feel heard.

Bills Mafia is ever growing, but we lose a lot of good ones along the way too, and sadly, one man by the name of Jake Miller unexpectedly passed away about a month ago. He leaves behind his wife, Margot, and his daughter, Annaliese.

After moving to Orchard Park when he was 8 years old, Miller instantly became a Bills fan and joined the Mafia, becoming a life-long Bills fan from there. He even had a favorite shirt to support his team: an image of Josh jumping that says “NY’s favorite and only quarterback.”

The shirt is something that Annaliese and Margot have come to cherish, but they wanted someone else to have it. 

Josh Allen. 

Before they met Josh Allen, they wrote something on Jake’s favorite shirt:

“Jake Miller 4/7/78-7/14/22”

Josh this is your year, you got this! love, Annaliese and Margot”

Margot recounted the moment with Josh Allen on Facebook. She said, “He knew what happened, he knew the story, he looked at me after I told him we wanted him to have Jake’s favorite t-shirt with almost a little disbelief and a whole lot of gratitude and he just kept repeating ‘Thank you so much, thank you so much, thank you so much.’”

Margot called the experience one of “the most special moments.” Allen hugged Annaliese after she gave him her dad’s favorite Bills shirt.

“This guy who is the best Quarterback in the NFL took the time to make my daughter feel so special and carried the shirt with him through the rest of warm ups,” Margot Miller said.

It wasn’t easy to give up her dad’s favorite shirt, but the way Annaliese and her mother Margot expressed such an emotional and incredibly difficult journey, with the loss of Jake Miller, that was such a huge gesture. And of course, kudos to Josh Allen, for giving everyone hope & showing once again his good heart.

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