Here in Western New York, Buffalo-style pizza is what you grow up on. There are countless pizzerias that serve Buffalo-style pizza and it's what this town is known for when it comes to their slices.

You get a slightly thicker crust (somewhere between New York-style and Chicago-style), a sweeter tomato sauce, extra cheese, and those fabulous cup-and-char pepperonis that make it a true Buffalo-style pizza.

That's not to say there aren't New York-style pizzerias in Buffalo, because there are...just not as many as most other regions of the country.

However, Buffalo Bills star quarterback Josh Allen does love a good New York slice. He talked with WIVB in the fall of 2019 about his favorite pizza place in Western New York: Ferro's Famous Pizza on Ridge Rd. in West Seneca.

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Ferro's is New York-style pizza, not Buffalo-style. Josh called it a "hidden gem," and if you love that kind of pizza, it's a must-visit.

As someone who has lived in Buffalo his entire life, nothing beats a Buffalo-style pizza, but I do like New York-style pizza and I can safely say that Ferro's is terrific. I live near West Seneca and Ferro's is often visited by my friends when they're craving something different than Buffalo-style.

I know, I know, we can't believe the Bills star quarterback said his favorite pizza is not Buffalo-style, but if he continues to give Bills' fans AFC East division titles, I don't think people will care. You do you, Josh. We will have your back no matter what.

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