It’s the final weekend of July, and it feels like summer is just flying by! But there are still tons of memories to make, especially this weekend, with everything that is going on in Western New York.  

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For this weekend of July, there are a lot of events planned in Western New York and if you can’t decide on what to do this weekend, don’t worry; like every week, we have narrowed down the top events for this weekend.

Every Friday, Kadie's Kalendar takes a closer look at some of the best events going on around Western New York for that weekend, and while you may think there’s nothing to do (cough cough, Von Miller), this list will prove that there is something for everyone!

Two of your favorite festivals are back this weekend to honor the cultural background of many Western New Yorkers, plus Buffalo’s Largest 80 & 90s Dance Party is Takin’ It Back Old School, and let’s not forget about the long awaited Jamboree in the Wood (it’s back!). -- all of these fun events are happening this weekend (and more!) in Western New York.

Which weekend event is your favorite from Kadie's Kalendar?

Kadie's Kalendar - 07/29-07/31

There is always so much going on in Western New York, and here is your top 10 round-up for this weekend!

There is so much to choose from on the list, I completely get it, but at the top of my weekend wish list, I have to go with the Buffalo Irish Festival. I may be biased though, because to be honest, this red hair of mine stems from my Irish ties. Haha!! But really, it’s summer and it’s going to feel like it this weekend! Might as well get as much out of this weekend and do everything you can, whether that is lounging around at your pool or stopping by the Buffalo Braidbar & Alden Auto Show. .

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