Andrew Zimmern called WNY "the Nickel City with a heart of gold". It's a classic Buffalo, NY food tour. Last night, on national television on Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations", Buffalo staple foods were highlighted at some of your favorite spots: Paula's Donuts, Schwabl's, Anchor Bar, Ted's, La Nova and Bill Gray's.

Why is it 'bizarre', exactly? We were thinking the same thing. Here's what was featured at each restaurant.

  • wings at the Anchor Bar
  • beef on weck at Schwabl's
  • charcoal hot dogs at Ted's
  • pepperoni pizza at La Nova
  • peanut donuts at Paula's Donuts
  • garbage plates at Bill Gray's

If you missed last night's episode, we won't spoil what he thought of each one--it will air on Sunday at 2:30 PM.

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