Now that the Blizzard of 2014 has passed and it’s starting to warm up outside, don’t just sit inside anymore! Get out and enjoy these Jacktivities around town!

  • Helium Comedy Club

    30 Mississppi St., Buffalo

    January 11

    Get some laughter in your life this weekend! There are a few places around town where you can sit and enjoy a show, and Helium is a newer club in Buffalo that I definitely love. I’ve had the chance to see a few acts come through town, and I have to say, they really know how to choose some good comedians. Tonight, they welcome Joey Diaz to the stage. I’ve checked out a few videos of this guy, and he’s pretty funny -- but don’t just take my word for it. Go check him out yourself! Diaz has become popular for his storytelling on the Joe Rogan Experience. 

    Then, after this weekend, the club has a ton of fantastic events coming up. On Wednesday, January 15, they have an Open Mic night with a whole variety of comedians. The event is free to everyone. Then, next weekend, they welcome Steve-O. Check out the full lineup on their website of events happening in January!

  • Buffalo ComedySportz

    476 Main St., Amherst

    Every Friday

    This one is another one of my favorite comedy shows. The part about it that makes is so special is that the entire show is based on improv comedy, which means there is no script, so each time you go see a show, it’s a new show every time. The idea of this event is that two teams of actors compete for the biggest laugh. Throw in a referee that calls the fouls and even gets suggestions from you, the audience, and you will have a wild and crazy night! Everything they do is from the suggestions you make, so the crazier, the better! Have fun at this event!


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