By now I’m sure you’ve all heard the story about the mother who was arrested for bringing her five-year-old daughter tanning with her. That should be alarming enough as it is. But then you see this woman.


If you haven’t had the privilege of seeing her, check out this clip:

Now, in her mugshot, she looks less like leather and more like an actual person, which means she either A. went tanning a ton more since her arrest B. applied liberal amounts of bronzer or C. both.

In any case she looks ridiculous. Does she own a mirror? In what galaxy does anyone find that attractive?

I know there are lots of fetishes out there: foot, fat, S&M, stuffed animal, etc. But leather-face fetishes? Really?

There’s no potion in the world to reverse the effects of her sun damage. Let’s just hope her beautiful, ginger, pale-faced daughter sees what a nut her mom is and loads up on the SPF.

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