The mosh pit can be a dangerous place for a little kid, but for one youngster who attended the So What?! Music Festival in Dallas, Texas it was the place where dominance was asserted as the crowd let him be the pit boss you yourself have always dreamed of being.

Photographer Sarina Solem captured the heartwarming moment in a video shared on TikTok, where a kid bullies people in the mosh pit and the fact that it happened during Knocked Loose's set is a real cherry-topper. The hardcore breakouts naturally incite some gnarly pits and those positioned around the edge of the circle are typically on guard, watching out for flying elbows and spin kicks.

During this moment, however, fans had to be on guard for bodies that were launched to the pit's edge by the kid as the crowd playfully set him up to knock them down. Standing in the center of the pit, like any hard-working pit boss does, he gave those around him a shove and they quickly came crashing to the ground. Hopping around, looking for more action, the kid pushed more willing participants, who tumbled backward.

Another video emerged of the same kid doing it all over again on a different day of the fest and during State Champs' set. After clearing more bodies out of the way, he stalked the center of the pit and delivered some spin kicks to ward off any oncoming moshers like a tried and true pit boss.

Watch both clips below.

Little Kid Is the Pit Boss You Always Wanted to Be

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