Wouldn’t it be nice to go to a concert, and feel like you are actually part of it?

Lindsey Stirling perfected that when she performed at Shea’s on Saturday, Dec. 11. 

Not only is she an incredible talent, as a violinist, singer, and a dancer, but she really understands what it means to put on a show (not that she needs me to say that).

As someone who has been to more than her fair share of concerts, it is always appreciated when an artist gives you a peek into their life, almost as if you are a longtime friend of theirs. Musicians that are able to localize the show and talk about the community that they are performing in is a unique ability that should be recognized.

When Lindsey Stirling was in town at Shea’s, Buffalo was experiencing weather that is uncharacteristic to this time of year, with temperatures in the upper 50s and winds at 38 mph (gusts reaching as high as 65 mph). 

She told a story about taking her dog on a walk and it almost blew away because of the wind. She commended everyone in the audience for coming out to her concert, and Lindsey even slightly modified the lyrics in her song, “Warmer in the Winter” to say “I know that it’s windy outside.”

Lindsey Stirling is one of the most genuine celebrities you’d ever see perform. She told us the background stories behind the songs she chose to perform at Shea’s, including stories of her late father and best friend. 

She just gets what it means to be a human, which so many people seem to lose sight of when they acquire fame. 

I clapped and I cried, but I also laughed, and perhaps the part that had everyone chuckling was when Lindsey Stirling organized a TikTok with the audience – something she is known for doing with her fans.

Here is the TikTok she filmed at Shea’s. 

It came out great, right?! However, I think we need to appreciate the behind the scenes efforts of Lindsey Stirling to get the crowd at Shea’s involved.

Her success story as a performer proves that you should never give up on your dreams. A decade ago, Stirling was voted off the “America’s Got Talent” stage, and now she is touring the world, lighting up communities like Buffalo on her journey. 

If you take anything away from the story of Lindsey Stirling, always stay true to yourself and never lose sight of your dreams. If you believe in yourself, the world will soon follow – but it starts with you

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