So what are you doing for dinner this holiday season? If you are like me, you count on the kindness and graciousness of friends, family, and/or take-out.

But nothing really compares to a great homecooked meal. Every year, for as long as I can remember, my aunt and uncle host the family's Thanksgiving dinner and it is amazing.

The smell of everything cooking, baking, boiling, and basting is one of my fondest sensory memories. And I eat and enjoy but ask me how to do it or what to do and I will stare at you like the carbonated coma I am usually in after dinner.

But what if you have to, or more importantly, want to try impressing with the turkey and dressing. Sure you can go online but that is not a real hands-on experience. No, you need to go to the source and get great advice, tips, and techniques from the people who know their way around a kitchen.

WGRZ has the scoop on where you need to be.

One night and it's tonight (November 16th) 6:30 pm-8:30 pm at the Lexington Co-Op 1678 Hertel Avenue Buffalo. Each 30-minute class will focus on three crash courses on how to make the turkey, sides, and pie.

Sign up now HERE and add another skill set to your culinary arsenal.

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