No, you’re not seeing double. Although the resemblance, especially the hair, is a story itself. Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan appeared alongside Victoria Gotti at the New York press conference for the upcoming biopic, “Gotti.”  I can’t remember the last movie the troubled actress stared in. She’s been busy the last few years getting arrested, going to jail, going on trial, and of course completing a few stints in rehab. But according to “Gotti” producer, Marc Fiore, he said that they’re in talks with Lohan for the role of Victoria Gotti, the daughter of infamous mobster John Gotti, being played by John Travolta. This role could revive her career. If Lohn does get the role, hopefully she’ll be on her best behavior. I highly doubt a movie star of Travolta’s caliber would put up with any of her shenanigans. But let’s not forget, Lohan still has that monkey on her back. She’s on trial for the he said, she said case over a $2,500 necklace.

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