It is no secret that there is a massive drug overdose problem here in WNY and there's no sign that it is slowing down.

  • 2014--127 deaths
  • 2015--256 deaths
  • 2016--247 deaths confirmed cases, but with 77 pending because toxicology tests are in progress which would bring 2016 up to 324.
  • 2017--50 deaths and we're only a month in the new year.

Though, there is a program in place here in Buffalo known as the Angel Program, but unfortunately, only 10 people have taken advantage of the program so far. Officials thought hundreds would have used it. According to WGRZ:

It allows addicts to turn their drugs into 13 local police stations -- such as Buffalo and Niagara Falls -- the person wouldn't be charged -- and instead, police would work to find that person a treatment facility. Then an angel would be called -- a volunteer who would arrive at the police station to comfort the addict.

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