You hate to see it....ya really do. You probably made a lot of late-night memories here before.

It looks like Louie's Texas Hots on Transit Road in Depew is getting ready to close its doors. The location on Transit Road will be closing and Popeye's will be taking over, apparently. At least, they are in the beginning stages of a deal. To be fair, the husband of the owner of the Louie's Texas location, says that "nothing is final" on Facebook.

If you live in Cheektowaga, you probably got a notice in the mail a few weeks ago notifying you of a special public hearing that was held on August 10 in Cheektowaga. The notification read "Re: Public Hearing - Special Use Permit - Chapter 260 Zoning - 4890 Transit Rd."

The description then goes on to mention that Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is seeking an addition and another driveway for the location off the side street, Madeira.

On Facebook, owner Vaso Kroto's husband, said: "nothing is final".

My wife Vaso owns Louie's on Transit. First of all nothing is final. Popeyes has not been approved and I am not sure if they will be. Second, THANK YOU for all of your support and kind words! We love all of you just as much as you love Louie's food. It would help a lot if you stopped by more often and supported local business! Third, we need HELP! Cooks, dishwashers, waitresses. Since the government decided to pay everyone an extra $300/wk in unemployment benefits no one seems to want to work anymore. Vaso is working 12 hr days and has been killing herself the past year and a half to keep the doors open. The last thing we want to do is sell but with lack of support and staff it might come to that. We are asking for your HELP! And when you stop by Louie's tell Vaso THANK YOU and that you love her. She is going through a very rough time now. Thank you

Hours for the Transit Road Louie's are: 

Sunday 8 am - 8 pm

Monday through Wednesday 8 am - 9 pm

Thursday through Saturday 8 am - 11 pm

Louie Galanes started the chain in Western New York in 1967.


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