It’s all in the name of love, and she needs our help. 

Have you ever met someone, and instantly you clicked? You may not have known much about them yet or even talked that much, but there was something about them that drew you in. 

That feeling made you curious about that person, and you had to know more about them and who they are. 

One woman had this once-in-a-lifetime moment with a guy she has continued to accidentally run into around the Elmwood-Allentown area. Even though the two of them hadn’t talked that much yet, there was just something about this guy that made her feel as if one day, they would know each other. 

The woman is 24 years old, and she detailed the love story on Reddit

How Did They Meet?

Before the pandemic, she would visit several public places around the Elmwood-Allentown area, such as Nietzches, Mohawk Place & Asbury Hall for local indie/lo-fi/punk shows, Old Pink, Cafe Aroma, Albright Knox, and more. 

And even though these places are very different, she would run into this same guy. 

Whenever i would visit these various public spaces,” she wrote on Reddit. “I ALWAYS ran into the same cute guy in passing - in fact, so frequently that we eventually acknowledged it & started waving at each other.”

It wasn’t until New Years Eve that year at Nietzches during a Burkharts show a few years back that they first spoke to each other. 

“I complimented his sweater…it had a teddy bear on it,” she said. 

However, they never caught each other’s name or number, but after that encounter, they kept running into each other briefly in passing at all sorts of places and events around here & would always say hi.

It must have been fate, but the two of them recently matched on Tinder…before everything went wrong. 

What Happened After Matching On Tinder?

The woman explained what happened on Reddit:

We finally matched on tinder the other day & last night we struck up a very lively conversation about music, particularly the discography of indie bands such as father john misty & fleet foxes, as well as shared interests. as it turns out, we’ve been to several of the same concerts together {unknowingly} across new york state! - including but not limited to a father john misty show in the new york city area at the capitol theater back in 2017, father john misty again at canalside, & fleet foxes at artpark, to name a few. all this time, we’ve been right under each other’s noses with all sorts of shared experiences & haven’t even been aware of the extent of it until now.

Just as we were finally starting to get to know each other better & the conversation was beginning to progress, I ended up falling asleep about midway. I woke up at 5 am to go to the bathroom & decided to check my phone. as i was trying to open the notifications for his replies that i missed & view our conversation.

I really don’t know what i did, but i wasn’t fully awake yet & i must’ve clicked the wrong button or swiped the wrong way or something because i lost our conversation completely.😭 When i woke up again at 10 am, his profile was nowhere to be found, so i’m assuming i accidentally unmatched.😭😭

Now the two have no way of reaching each other, and they can only hope that they will run into each other once again in the Elmwood-Allentown area. 

Unless…someone can help this woman find the guy that the universe is continuing to present to her. 

She is asking for your help in finding any leads. 

The Description

Here’s the description of the mystery man:

He’s 27, from Brooklyn, formerly an English teacher, bearded, brunette, average height & build with somewhat of a dad bod, well dressed {seems to always sport fantastic sweaters & flannels, the teddy bear one is my personal favorite}, has a very sweet & talkative demeanor & also notably great vocabulary. can be seen in the Elmwood/Allen area & has been a regular at various indie shows, usually with a drink in hand. I'm 24 & living in Kenmore.

If you know of anyone with the description, you can send them to this Reddit thread here

“Gerard, if you’re reading this, I'm so sorry for the mishap,” the woman wrote. “Let’s grab a beer together sometime.”

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