With the internet and online shopping, it is easier than ever to shop for anything and everything. I have ordered soap, razors, clothing, cigars, and yes, even toilet paper. I have friends that even order food. No not the Door Dash or delivery of already cooked food, I am talking actual groceries. Real produce, meat, eggs, and bread.

New places being built are now including a concierge that will store, refrigerate, or freeze delivered groceries for their tenants.

But if you are old school, you still like to go into the brick-and-mortar stores to push and fill up your cart. Touch the product for freshness, or get inspired to buy another loaf of bread just because you can smell it baking. Going to the grocery store is a great sensory overload.

WGRZ reports that two local grocery stores will be combining forces to increase their Northeast footprint. Tops Markets and Price Chopper/Market 32.

It looks like this deal will not only be good for all the stores involved but for the markets, they are in. More leverage with more stores combined (an increase of over 300) will help keep costs down for you and me the consumers.

I was brought up on Tops, although my mom jumped around to get the best deals with all her clipped coupons. Yes, people used to clip coupons to save some cents. I do still remember getting dragged all over the place as a kid. Super-Duper and Bells just to name a few.

The Business Journal has the complete story HERE

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