A Texas man may have a six-pack, but it’s not from working out.

The man, 61, has been diagnosed with "auto-brewery syndrome," which is a really clinical way of saying his stomach is brewing too much yeast, which is really a clinical way of saying his intestinal tract is acting “like his internal brewery,” which is really a clinical way of saying his tummy makes him get drunk without ever sipping alcohol.

The man reportedly would get hammered any time for no reason, so doctors put him on a controlled diet for 24 hours, during which time his blood-alcohol level actually rose.

Eventually, doctors realized he simply had too much brewer’s yeast in his stomach. The yeast took it upon itself it ferment any sugars the man consumed, converting them into ethanol and giving him the easiest buzz since you enjoyed the watered-down keg at your frat house on Saturday nights.

It's an extremely rare condition and it's unclear how it can be treated, although we suggest a trip to AA.

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