There are a couple of towns in Erie County that have had enough and want out. According to reports, the towns would split off and join neighboring Wyoming County!

The COVID pandemic has not only frustrated business owners and individuals, it has caused many town officials to fight back against mandates and regulations. I an effort to protect the businesses in the towns they manage, town supervisors and various mayors have spoken out against Erie County on many occasions.

We are two years in to the COVID era here in Western New York and it has been tough on everyone in every industry. But the mandates seem to be the largest point of contention. If you own a small business, I can't imagine how frustrating it has been for you. Trying to manage and understand what is allowed and what is not allowed while trying to keep customers has to be a challenge.

10 Places In The Northtowns That Southtowners Will Drive To

When it comes to Northtowns vs Southtowns, southtowners are willing to cross that line to eat at these places.

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