The Mayer Brothers Cider Mill is back open today!

One of the most iconic places in Western New York is back open starting today for the season. I know it is not Fall season just yet, but Fall is not complete until you go to the Cider Mill and get your Mayer Brothers cider slushies and some donuts. It is the 169th season of the Cider Mill.

Where is the Cider Mill around Buffalo? 

It is located at 1540 Seneca Creek Rd, Buffalo, NY 14224. It is just south of the corner of Transit Road and Clinton.

It is going to be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m every day for the rest of the season.

We talked to Kadie, the newest member of Clay and Company, about the Cider Mill and how we have to get her there. When we told her about it she thought the Mayor of Buffalo owned the Cider Mill. It made sense, though. LOL

Meeting Kadie opened up our eyes (orrrr....ears, I guess) to how we say so many words here in Western New York with the hard A. The rest of the world says Scajacquada, Lancaster and Transit a little different than we do.

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