This university will shut its doors for good in August. Is it a sign of things to come for other colleges in New York?

Colleges Losing Attendance

According to, enrollment has been going down since 2010. In the past 3 years enrollment has gone down 8% nationwide. The most interesting data involves private and 2-year colleges, which have all shave seen major declines. 4-year public colleges are up in enrollment, but not enough to offset the total declines.

Why the decline? The cost of going to college continuously goes up. It's a major financial decision that several people have simply decided isn't worth making. Especially for private schools that are always much more costly than public. Many are not convinced private schools provide a better education for the money.

The COVID-19 pandemic also hurt enrollment, as people didn't want to go to a campus where the spread of the virus could run rampant.

What University is Closing in Western New York?

Medaille University, formerly Medaille College, is closing its doors permanently. According to WIVB. their last date of school will be August 31.

The university will allow those who can complete their degrees by August 31 to do so. In the meantime, they will work with current students to transfer their credits to other colleges or universities.

Why is Medaille Closing?

Their proposed merger with Trocaire College fell through and looks to have resulted in the University closing. Medaille officials say declining enrollment, financial instability, and other factors lead to the decision. It's a huge blow to Buffalo and the Western New York community as it serves around 1,600 students and hundreds of employees.

Where WIll Students Go?

SUNY University at Buffalo remains the largest college in the State of New York and has several programs Medaille has offered. Buff State University also offers a variety of similar programs. Both are public schools. Canisius, Villa Maria, Trocaire, D'Youville, Daemen, Hilbert, and Niagara are all private options to transfer to locally.

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