There's just something off about movie news today, as highlighted by this little morsel: Medieval Times -- as in the restaurant, not the time period -- is being developed into a movie. We are turning restaurant concepts into movies now. Can 'Olive Garden: The Movie' be far behind?

It's bad enough that Hollywood is turning to board games and retro relics from our childhood to get new movie ideas, but now they're adapting restaurants into movies, too. Everything is the worst.

Deadline reports that production companies Benderspink ('The Hangover') and Broken Road have struck a deal to take the Middle Ages-inspired theme restaurant Medieval Times and turn it into a movie. The Middle Ages are ripe for fantasy and action-adventure stories, but since the Middle Ages is a time period and has no existing branding, it's easier to develop a film based on a company that already has brand recognition because money.

The companies are currently putting together a package to shop to major studios, which we imagine includes an entire PowerPoint presentation on trademarked foam swords, collectible goblets, and characters whose names sound awfully similar to those on 'Game of Thrones.'

For the unfamiliar: Medieval Times is a chain of restaurants housed in 11th century castle replicas where, during dinner service, patrons watch a group of knights joust and battle each other until one is named King. Sadly, the Medieval Times King does not go on to fight the Burger King for world domination, but everyone gets a turkey leg and eats with their hands, and this is going to be a movie now.

And, while we're at it - can any Medieval Times movie be better than this scene below?

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