I've been looking forward to this weekend since my last scheduled day off of work – New Year’s Day. And the weather has been amazing! So I was sad to hear that two of my friends not only have to work Saturday, but Monday, too! The nerve.

For the benefit of those of you stuck in a similar situation, I’ve compiled the following 10 excuses to tell your less-than-patriotic boss who’s making you work this weekend.

  1. The kids’ sitter bailed, and now you and your significant other have to take shifts watching them.
  2. The town’s Memorial Day parade and celebration has blocked off all access to the main roads.
  3. A power outage is forcing you to tend to your sump pump. Not because it’s rained, but because you accidentally left the sprinkler on all night.
  4. A gardening mishap left you in a less-than-flattering position, and your chiropractor won’t be able to fix you until Tuesday. (Note: This excuse may even get you an extra day!)
  5. Your kid/niece/cousin/neighbor/dog gave you pink eye, and you’re very contagious.
  6. You badly sprained your ankle by slipping in the shower.
  7. Sun poisoning. Terrible sun poisoning.
  8. Food poisoning. You haven’t mastered the grill’s temperature yet.
  9. Bee stings! So. Many. Bee. Stings.
  10. Some neighbor’s celebratory fireworks damaged your house, and you have to wait for the insurance adjuster.

Good luck, and don’t forget to remember the real reason we (or at least most of us) have Monday off. Thank you, troops!

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