It is not every day that a post on social media can make a whole region all collectively groan with disappointment, but one ESPN star just did that with one of their Tweets.

The other day, Mike Greenberg, the host of The Mike Green on ESPN TV and radio  was caught doing something that would make every single person here in Western New York ask "What is he doing?"

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The thing is that this had nothing to do with Sports. Greenberg didn't take a shot at the Buffalo Bills or say that Josh Allen isn't one of the players in the league. It is what he was doing with his chicken wings.

One of the most egregious things that you could do with a wing is dunking it in ranch instead of blue cheese, but there is something EVEN WORST than that, and that is what Greenberg was caught doing.

He was caught eating his wings with a knife and fork. Yes..not with his hands like these amazing treats were intended for. Check out the Tweet that Mike Greenberg's wife sent out this week.

Is that not the most disrespectful way to eat a wing? I know a lot of people argue drumsticks or flats, ranch or blue cheese, even argue about if carrot or celery should be the side with wings, but is there ANYONE out there that eats wings like this?

That has to be the most difficult way to eat a wing too. Sorry..I can take a lot of Buffalo bashing about the weather, football team, and ranch but I can't handle this!

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