A rare treat fir those who love the moon this month. It is a phenomenon that we won't see again for a few years here in the northeast. The full beaver-blood moon and lunar eclipse is taking place. Even if you missed it, there are some things happening in nature that can only be explained because of the moon.

This fall has been very warm compared to some of the past. As we watched the leaves change and drop, there have been a few high temperatures that have set records! But for hunters, that is not always a good thing.

When the full moon arrives in November, many deer hunters believe that is the start of the "rut". The prime mating season for whitetail deer and the best time to catch a big buck off guard as they chase doe with only one thing in mind. It is a thrill to be in the woods to witness the chasing and seeking phases of the rut but it is pretty rare to actually see the mating process first hand!

I wasn't in the tree stand when I saw this monster buck tracking a doe in our backyard! I could here this buck grunting and I got the camera and stared rolling. I was shocked to actually witness this incredible moment.

This thing is massive!

The opening day of the regular/firearms season will take place on Saturday, November 19 here in Western New York. Opening day is a game changer for deer hunters who have been in the woods with a bow or crossbow. As more hunters get in the woods, the deer tend to change their patterns/habits and bucks that you never knew existed start to show up.

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