One side effect of the Coronavirus Pandemic that we have grown accustomed to is supply chain issues.  Ever since people first flocked to the stores two years ago, and scooped up every last package of toilet paper that they could get their hands on, we could see the writing on the proverbial wall that it would be tough to get our hands on certain things for the foreseeable future.

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Since then, we have seen some items out of stock on shelf stores.  For one, I have noticed a lack of Orange and Red Gatorade when I have gone to get my weekly fix.  In addition to the lack of some products, supply chain issues have also caused a spike in the price of a lot of other items, both in stores and at restaurants.

We dodged a major bullet here in Western New York when the dreaded Chicken Wing Shortage never materialized.  But one thing that we have noticed, is that the price of chicken wings here in WNY has been on the rise steadily since the beginning of 2020.

According to National Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super, the higher cost is due to a few factors.  First and foremost is America's heightened demand for wings during the pandemic.  This was no doubt fueled by two pandemic playoff runs by the Buffalo Bills. The increased demand has put pressure on the supply chain, causing the buzzwordy 'Supply Chain Issues'.  Other factors leading to the price bump include weather, shipping delays, and labor shortages.

So we decided to take a look at the restaurants around Western New York and find the most expensive wings around.  The prices are on a per wing basis.  So, if a restaurant offers 12, 10, or god forbid 9 wings, we took the total price of the order and broke it down per wing.

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