In case you missed the news this week, both Tops and Wegmans dropped their mask mandates for fully vaccinated shoppers. That means if you are vaccinated, you were not required to wear your mask inside the store; although you are still welcomed to.

The first day of it was Wednesday, May 19th, and as it just so happens I had to get some grocery store items for the house on Wednesday afternoon.

For the record, I am vaccinated and while I could have went through my local Wegmans without a mask, I decided to wear one because I wasn't sure if I would be asked by anyone or just how many others would be going mask-less.

All in all, I would say 75 percent of shoppers still had a mask on, but some people didn't have a mask.

I kept hearing a common conversation from people, however. Shoppers were talking to one another about not being sure how to handle the new policy and not wanting the trouble of being "asked" if they had their vaccine, even if they did and could go without a mask. Basically, they didn't want the trouble so continued to wear a mask.

WIVB reports that it's still unclear how these stores will enforce this new policy, or if they will have the "honor system."

Like I mentioned before, I did keep mine on even though I'm vaccinated for the same reason, although I think I will go without one soon; I was just curious how many people were having the same thoughts I was having.

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