Many people have had their lives turned upside down during the COVID-19 pandemic, with work and schooling done at home.

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But what about living AT work? That's what 200 employees are doing at the National Grid Control Center, including in Buffalo, according to WKBW.

The essential employees are being sequestered at work for 30 days at a time, including director Chris Soufleris.

"They are a special group of people with highly specialized skills. It is not like anyone can just come in and do their job. We need them," said Soufleris.

This is the first time National Grid has ever sequestered employees at their control centers.

The employees are crucial to delivering power to Western New York and other areas of the state and northeast, so risking contraction of the virus can't be taken.

Living accommodations have been made for the employees, as well as ways to entertain them when they're not on the clock. Support groups have also been formed to help with their families while they're away.

According to, some employees sleep in RV's, while others on air mattresses in the building for the National Grid center in Syracuse.

It's been a sacrifice for most people but living at work for a month is crazy, but these are unprecedented times and electricity/power is about as important as they come. Thank you to these essential employees that have made huge sacrifices.

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