Smoking has been banned from just about every public place in New York State and now they could get you for smoking in your car too.

While the legislation is still new, the penalties aren't set in stone, but New York State has just proposed a law that could fine you up to $150 for smoking in your car while your kids are in there with you.

According to WKBW, Legislator Patrick Burke announced the legislation saying,

"Children have no way of knowing the dangers of cigarette smoke and cannot be expected to protect their own health," said Burke. "We already don't allow smoking in indoor public spaces because we know the dangers of secondhand smoke."

The idea is that if law enforcement sees someone smoking in a car with a child, they can give a warning, then a $150 fine for a first offense.

Being a non-smoker myself, I am behind this 100%.  There's not much worse than being stuck in a car while someone else is smoking and there's no where to escape to.

What do you think?  Should the state have the right to tell someone if they can or cannot smoke in their own car?


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