Okay, it is early in the 2021-2022 season but the Buffalo Sabres are, as of this story, 2-0 and technically they are in first place. Now, nobody is giving them a snowballs chance in that really hot place where the New Jersey team resides to make the playoffs. Las Vegas odds have them at +1500. And that is just to make the playoffs not even to win a game.

This year has definitely brought on some changes. This will be the last year Rick Jeanneret will be doing play-by-play as he will only be doing duties for less than 20 games.  Long-time National Anthem singer Doug Allen has stepped down after decades of singing at the arena.  And something else has changed and fans have noticed.

If you ever have been to a baseball game the players have what they call "walk-up" songs. That means each player has their own personalized song based on what they feel. Well, this year the Buffalo Sabres players each got to choose their own tune when they score a goal. That is pretty cool and it does definitely make a difference in the overall vibe of the game.


However, being as old as I am, I gotta be honest. Not familiar with most of the song selections as you can see from the list. But hey as long as the team is scoring goals and winning games I could care less. As long as it is not "Cotton Eyed Joe".


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