New York is not the worst state for retirement, it's not exactly the best either. put out a report of the best and worst states for retirement.  Some of the factors in where to retire go beyond the sunniness and closeness to water. The factors that went into this study were cost of living, weather, health care quality, crime, tax, culture and well-being. Using these factor they rated states and then determined the bets and worst started all around for retirement.

While many can believe the New York probably didn't finish on the top of this you might be surprised just how low on the list it fell. New York landed at number 37 on the best and worst states to retire. So while it's not exactly the BEST place to retire, you most definitely could do worse. It ranked first in taxes and top 15 in crime and those are things your really don't want hanging over your head in retirement.

Which state was determined to be the best? While you may not get the tan you were looking for you will live the most comfortably in you later years in New Hampshire. had it ranked the highest for you post-work life. Other high ranking states include Colorado, Maine, Iowa and Minnesota. Shockingly, Florida and Arizona didn't even make the top ten list of states to retire.

Top Ten States To Retire

See the full list and rankings HERE.

The title of the worst state to retire goes to Alaska for its cold weather, high crime rate and low percentage of senior citizens.

All in all you should retire where you will be the most happy. It's unfortunate that we have to look at more than just the weather after all the years of hard work put in.



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