As New York State strives to become a green technology state and a place that promotes healthy living, on the heels of the polystyrene ban which is now in effect in the state, added to that is a new ban on products containing flame-retardant chemicals that have been tied to significant health risks like increased risks of neurological injury, hormone disruption, cancer, and negative impacts on the immune system.

The products most associated with flame retardant chemicals are furniture, mattresses, building materials, and electronic displays which contain those chemicals. According to Governor Hochul's Office, the ban is on the sale of the products and carries with it a fine of up to $2,500 per day for repeated offenses.

This new legislation, in a large part, focuses on children who are very susceptible to being exposed to these dangerous flame retardants that linger in a home's atmosphere for as long as a year since they are difficult to break down.

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If you're worried about not having furniture and other products in your home that are flame retardant then consider this: the Governor's Office says those same toxic chemicals have "limited value, if any, in preventing or suppressing fires" and other states have already put legislation into place that bans them to keep consumers safe.

A ban on certain flame retardants will also have an impact on protecting firefighters who are frequently exposed to these harmful chemicals by inhaling them.

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