There’s a lot that goes into training to compete in the Olympics that goes beyond the practices, so when it’s time to finally rest the body, there are a few things that an Olympian might do to “treat themselves.”

One Olympian fully believed that she reached a point in her career where she was at peace with retirement, and that’s why she found herself in a restaurant, eating one of Buffalo’s favorite foods with one of the most refreshing beverages that an Erie County fairgoer could order.

Chicken wings and a root beer float. 

That is the food combination that Allyson Felix, the most decorated U.S. track and field athlete in history,  had dreamed of enjoying while in retirement…and mid meal, she was interrupted with a phone call, telling her that she has been invited back to Team USA to race the 4x400 m relay heats. 

Felix told The Guardian, “I was having hot wings and a root beer float, and I was just diving into that when I got a phone call. They just asked if I would be willing to come back and run a round and help the team get a position, and so I dropped the wing.”

The immediate drop of the wing shows that Felix is no doubt dedicated to her sport, and she is also very disciplined to stop eating the wings mid meal for the success of Team USA.

She raced in the world championships preliminaries for the women’s 4x400m relay event on Saturday, giving Felix her 19th medal in the world championships and a total of 30 when you factor in the Olympic medals. 

Felix did not start in the 4x400 m final, and she knew that there was a chance that she may not; however, Felix and her team were able to pick up one last medal for her career: a gold. 

Felix says that she is retired for real this time, but I guess only time will tell! For now, I’m sure Allyson Felix is eating her hot wings and drinking as many root beer floats as she can. 

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