Even if you are not a fan of gender reveal videos, this is one you HAVE to see.

Points for creativity on this one — and points for the touchdown, too. 

Matt Salvatore and his wife, Kristen, may not root for the same football team, but they are about to be one of Buffalo’s newest team of parents. How the Salvatores chose to announce the gender of their baby is simple yet clever.

To preface the video, Matt Salvatore shared on Facebook, “Ignore my wife, the Patriots fan.” You already know it’s going to be interesting when you see two people in football jerseys — one repping Bills Mafia and the other repping…Patriots.

It’s kind of hard to ignore the wife in a gender reveal video, especially when she is the one carrying the baby AND she is wearing a Patriots jersey. But hey, that’s why there is the saying, “Opposites attract.”

Matt Salvatore, wearing none other than Josh Allen’s jersey, starts with the football in hand. He squats in front of his wife, who is wearing a Rob Gronkowski Patriots jersey. 

“Hut!” Mrs. Salvatore shouts, and the handoff is snapped. She carries the football for a little bit, before she passes it back to Matt, who completes the mission.

You can watch the Salvatore family’s gender reveal video below. 

Now we are only left with one question: will their baby be raised a Buffalo Bills fan? One would hope so!

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