Talking with SirusXM satellite radio, Ozzy Osbourne says that he is still fighting to walk six months after his spinal surgery. Unfortunately, he said that his inability to fully get around onstage may affect his 2023 tour dates.

This may come as a surprise to those that watched Ozzy perform at the Commonwealth Games in Britain or during the Los Angeles Rams NFL Season Opener which were just two and three months respectively post his June surgical date. What some viewers didn't notice, was that Ozzy was propped up by a device supporting his hips or lower back while onstage. Those performances coincided with the release of Osbourne's latest album, Patient Number 9.

Osbourne, as reported by Yahoo News, says he is aching to get back to performing live like he is used to, but is frustrated by the lingering repercussions of the major operation that realigned the metal hardware in his back. "It is so fucking tough because, I mean, I want to be out there. I want to be doing it. This fucking surgery this guy did. Fucking hell, you have no idea," said Osbourne. "The thing is my head is all right, my creativity is OK, my singing OK but I just can’t fucking walk much now."

Osbourne, who is also dealing with Parkinson's disease, has booked almost a couple dozen international concerts for his No More Tours 2 run, slated to start in May of 2023 in Finland. Yahoo says that Ozzy is unsure that these dates will go on as scheduled. "I can’t begin to tell you how fucking frustrating life has become. It is amazing how you go along in life and one stupid thing can screw everything up for a long time. I have never been ill this long in my life." Osbourne was told this surgery was essential. Over the summer he said, "That surgeon told me if I didn’t have the surgery there would be a good chance I would be paralyzed from the neck down."

As we at Loudwire wish the best for the heavy metal madman's recovery, fans of Ozzy can enjoy some recently unearthed "footage" from the 2022 Metaverse Music Festival. The virtual Ozzy performed "Under the Graveyard," as well as the title track from his critically regarded new album. At 74-years-old, Osbourne is up for an incredible four Grammy awards for Patient Number 9, which would make a personal best.

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