Learning guitar can be tricky, especially as an adult. That whole life and time thing gets in the way sometimes. Plus there's the question: "Where do I even start?" Do you get private lessons? Do you pick up a book? Do you go online and look for some free videos to teach you? Maybe a friend could help?

I tried all of these. They all failed. Now, that's not to say it was all their fault. Lessons, though, are a time commitment to be somewhere on a given day that I just can never make. Books are not my forte. I just don't learn well from a book. Free online videos are always filled with more questions than answers because they are, well, free and it's just some dude trying to teach you when they aren't even a teacher. As far as friends go, mine are amazing but they also have that thing called a life that gets in the way.

I've tried to learn guitar for 20 years, and every time I failed.

Then I found Fret Zealot.

Fret Zealot sent me a guitar with an LED light system that shows you where to put your fingers.


It comes with an online course that is easy to use, done by professionals, and takes it one step at a time instead of throwing a million things at you upfront. For example, it turns out I was never holding my guitar the right way, and it always made things sound bad. Fret Zealot taught me the right way in 5 minutes. That's just one small thing, but for the first time, I actually feel like I'm LEARNING guitar.

Fret Zealot is making it easy for me as well because it's on MY schedule. The program can be done whenever I am ready to do it, and it only takes 10 minutes a day to truly make progress. Don't tell my bosses, but I do this at work ALL the time in the WBUF studio with the door closed. Thankfully, the mics aren't on LOL, but someday soon I won't mind if they are.

My goal is to be able to play "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes. I'm on my way. Make sure you check back soon to see the progress!

And, if you what to check it out yourself, visit fretzealot.com. There are THOUSANDS of songs their app can teach you as well. If you're literally brand new to playing guitar, or a pro, Fret Zealot has the tools to help you grow and fast.

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