Buffalo is one of the best-kept secrets in the United States. Sure, you can go negative real quick. The taxes suck, it’s rusty, apparently there’s nothing to do here, etc. The taxes do, but the cost of living doesn’t. It gets less rusty every year and is getting better and better downtown. There are PLENTY of things to do and we’re an International city. Buffalo isn’t “perfect” but nothing is. 

What Buffalo does have is it is full of amazing and psychotic Bills fans, good neighbors who may call you a moron but do it while helping you and being honest, incredible beer, the best food on the planet, the most authentic kick-ass people in America, and dammit it’s a hard thing to find anymore but we just care about Buffalo and our own. 

I came back after leaving for around 15 years. Well, sort of. A trip down the 90 and back, really. I never was too far away and returned constantly. I always wanted to be back here because anyone who knows, knows. It’s awesome in Buffalo. If you don’t think so I’m not saying leave, but get your ass out of the burbs and wander around for once. The city is alive. The burbs are great, too. 

There’s a code about being from Buffalo you don’t get in any other city in New York State except, of course, for maybe NYC. We’re proud. I’m proud and was always the first to tell people about it. 

So what am I? I’m a dude who has been around the New York State Radio Block. Been on the air around the country too. I’ve done mornings. I’ve done talk. I’ve done sports. I always have had a love of rock music, and music that particularly can melt your face off. I love Buffalo and our teams and have legit been to some of the biggest moments for them. 

I’m back and here because I love Buffalo, WNY, Rock music, and causing trouble. 92.9 WBUF seems like a good spot for that. After all, I’ve been doing it on our Facebook page anonymously for months now. Might as well put a voice to it. 

You'll be hearing me every weekday afternoon from 3 pm to 7 pm on 92.9 WBUF.

Personal Stuff

The personal stuff: I am a dad and husband. I graduated from Iroquois High School and Fredonia State. I worked at the original Santora’s on Transit and Clinton as a kid. My hometown is Marilla though now I live in the Ken-Ton area and love it.

Pat's Favorites

Favorite Pizza: Santora’s/Picasso’s, Bocce Club, or Olisi’s 

Favorite Beer: Big Ditch Low Bridge, Flying Bison Rusty Chain, Genesee Ruby Red Kolsh, St. Bernardus Abt. 12, and Resurgence Circle the Wagons Pilsner and counting.  

Favorite Bourbon: Four Roses Single Barrel  

Favorite Wings: It’s Bar Bill. I was at Bar Bill way before it was a thing and it’ll always be my favorite. 

Favorite Ice Cream: Anderson’s Vanilla Frozen Custard, preferably in an arctic swirl with Oreos. 

Favorite Buffalo Bills Player: All Time: Thurman Thomas  Currently: Micah Hyde

Favorite Buffalo Sabres Player: All Time: Dominik Hasek  Currently: Alex Tuch 

Best Buffalo Sports Moment: Sitting in the last row of the 300s for game 5 of the 2007 playoff series between the Sabres and Rangers. Drury Scores with 7.7-seconds left. Afinogenov wins it in OT. The loudest place I have ever been in. It was amazing. 

Favorite Coffee: Bean Bastard

Favorite Buffalo Festival: Allentown Art Festival

Favorite Bands: (in no order) Rise Against,  Rage Against the Machine, Foo Fighters, Deftones, Audioslave, Kaleo, The Black Keys.

Favorite Video Game: Fallout 3. I have a Fallout tat.

Video Game System: Currently PC/Steam

Favorite Shows: The Boys, South Park, Family Guy, What We Do in the Shadows, The Office, Schitt’s Creek, Game of Thrones until the last season. 

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