If you drive a car, it's always best to take extra precautions and be as responsible as possible. If you currently live in the southtowns, there's an important message from local police.

WGRZ is reporting that both the Dunkirk Police Department and The Town of Hamburg Police are reminding residents to lock their car doors. This comes after many reports of cars being broken into over the last several days in Dunkirk. Hamburg Police are also saying multiple car thefts and garage thefts have happened this past week as well.

Police are reminding residents to not leave anything valuable in your car. Take everything inside and make sure to be sure your car doors are locked.

Hamburg Police are asking for security footage from reported thefts, while Dunkirk Police are also asking for anyone with information in relation to the car thefts.

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I always double-click my car lock when I walk away and take anything I have with me inside. Sometimes people forget, however, which is understandable. It seems that there are some people in Hamburg and Dunkirk trying to take advantage of unlocked cars, so it's best to stay vigilant.

I'm hoping they catch the people who are responsible for this. Security footage would help police with that.

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