Nothing better than hanging outside, the warm sun shining down on you, a cold beverage in your hand, and live music all around you. Well, if a live vibe is what you crave you need to make your way down to the Elmwood Village today (June 12) from 1-6 pm for PORCH FEST. This is a great opportunity to explore the Elmwood Village all the while listening to great music, supporting local artists right here in Western New York.

Now PORCH FEST usually occurs in May but to fill the void left by the Allentown Art Festival this weekend organizers decide to hold it today. WGRZ reports that this is the 8th year for the festival and people and businesses sign up to host area musicians to perform on (you guessed it) their porches. Pretty cool concept.

It is an amazing opportunity to watch and hear all different kinds of music all within walking distance and all for free. Hey, you never know who will be the next big star and to say you saw them play in an intimate setting such as a porch is a really cool story to tell.

See the complete list of locations and performers HERE. Happy exploring, not only the neighborhood of the Elmwood Village, but the eclectic musicians, songs, and artists that you will be in contact with.


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